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The Balsam Mountain Trust inspires people to be responsible stewards of the natural and cultural resources of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains through education and conservation leadership.

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We have no Public Programs scheduled at this time. Check back with us soon, or think about becoming a Member of BMT. We offer a lot of member programs throughout the year. Contact us at admin@bmtrust.org for more information.


Balsam Mountain Trust
Balsam Mountain TrustThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 6:30am
This #wildwednesday, we're highlighting our Eastern box turtles (terrapene carolina carolina)! This ubiquitous tortoise haunts wooded habitats and is NOT considered aquatic. If you look at their toes, you won't see any webbing, but instead a set of sturdy claws used for terrestrial locomotion and digging. Scientists believe males and females find one another in the wild by sight alone, as no mating call or pheromones are released. Additionally, Eastern box turtles are known to have a special superpower! Their bodies are immune to poisons found in several species of mushrooms, so they can happily consume them without falling the least bit ill! Come visit our Ambassador box turtles, Merlin and Hermione, before they bury themselves for the winter!

Take Action

Balsam Mountain Trust loves the AMERICORPS!

Our Conservation Trust for North Carolina AmeriCorps members have allowed us to more than triple our reach to underserved community members in Jackson and Haywood Counties. With a focus on environmental education for elementary school students, we also reach folks through partnerships with local libraries, REACH shelter for domestic violence, and the Latino community.

We would like to ask for your help by contacting your senators and representatives and asking them to protect the AmeriCorps program. Please let them know that you are a constituent and share your own, short personal perspective about why the AmeriCorps, or a program they support, is important to you.

AmeriCorps is an investment in our nation.

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Every little bit helps us take care of our animal ambassadors and bring conservation education to Western Carolina communities.

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